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pairing: ateez x reader genre: gang au, amnesia au, angst, romance, fluff, suggestive, hurt/comfort, friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, possible smut rating: M warnings: mentions of death and weapons "(Y/n), I think I've been a tad bit too hard on you." You sat in front of a desk confused and undoubtedly stiff as Hongjoong had called you to his office for a 'chat'.

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He always feels like the two of you fit together so well, and also similar to Mark your skin color wouldn't cross his mind like others. If anybody tries to disrespect you he will deadass pop them in the mouth like he's their fucking father. He's always so sweet and nice, but when it comes to you, he doesn't play at all. Request: can you please do a nct dream imagine when you’re really short (about 4'11). thank you!!~~ A/N: lol I can’t relate bc I’m 174cm but lol also I did a reaction thanks for requesting I hope you enjoy! Mark: Originally posted by.

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Feb 07, 2022 · #nct #nct drabbles #nct dream #nct imagines #nct angst #masterlist #navigation 25th March 2021 146 notes [11:28 am] Taeil gives a sad smile as he watches you say yes to someone else, thinking he made the right choice to let you go look for a more stable love that he couldn’t give.. nct dream reaction to you flinching during an.

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Chenle and you are the dream ship and every NCTzen is jealous of your closeness to the Chinese member. Screams whenever you act cute. Constantly brags about how cute you two are to Jisung. Jisung. Omg when he heard about you he completely shunned himself from the dorms.

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he embraced you in a deep hug, "i thought something bad happen to you. you don't know how worried i was," he sighs in relief. he wasn't mad that you ignored him. he could never be mad at you. he was more worried than anything. scared that something bad had happened to you. in a way, he can be very possessive of you.

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Taeil rolled over to hug you close to him the moment he woke up. His memory of the dream was slipping away fast but he knew it had been heated, and that it had involved himself and someone other than you. He'd press his face into your hair so that he was completely immersed by your scent, his arms wrapping around your waist. When you woke up.

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NCT Dream as Disney Princesses. A/N: Hey everyone!I hope all is well for you, wherever you are in the world. This is something i got hit with out of nowhere and i loved the idea so much i turned it into a mini bullet series. literally no one asked for this, but i've been feeling super soft lately and the fluff just came pouring out - i might actually turn these into full fics or longer.

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A little baby, a little mix of you both, he would be thrilled and so proud. He'd tell the boys and his family and be jumping for joy, until someone pointed out how the fans might react and suddenly Ten would be pursing his lips, brows furrowing. At the end of the day, he would stand by his love for you and the family you had started together. Reactions: You back hug them then run away. Their GF is extremely flexible. They see you get in a physical fight with a girl. You wanting to cuddle. You fall asleep on his shoulder. You get your webbing pierced. They are close with another members s/o and develop feelings for them. You kick them in your sleep with cold feet.

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What is Nct Reaction To You Being A Virgin. Likes: 372. Shares: 186.. Welcome to Squaresreact! Nct Reaction: to you (their crush)being really smart (hyung line) Taeil: Originally posted by moonlighting94. I feel like being smart/ brainy would be a very attractive trait for taeil. he’d love to have intellectual conversations with you, discussing anything and everything, he’d.

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NCT 127. Jaehyun. Can't Sleep?(M) Practice (M) Yuta. Alone Time (/M) Johnny. All Is Not Lost-SF9. Zuho. I Like You-REACTIONS-GOT7. Hyung Line Reacting To Being S/O Giggling While Being Spanked (M) Reacting To Their S/O Giggling While Playfully Being Spanked. NCT 127+U. Reacting To A Dream Member Being In A Relationship. NCT Dream. NCT dream reaction to another idol saying you are their ideal type. you are their s/o. ... How they'd react to their S/O always having cold hands This was a good song to react to All Is Not Lost-SF9 reactions ⇢ series ⇢ imagines ⇢ prompts ⇢ blurbs reactions ⇢ series ⇢ imagines ⇢ prompts ⇢ blurbs..

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Search: Nct Reaction To You Stealing Their Hoodie. I’m moving to ... nct imagines. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. nct imagines. nct ot21 imagines and prompts ! feel free to send in any requests <3. You ran for your bedroom, closing the door behind you to give yourself a moment to find a spot to hide. "I know where you are," Gunil yelled, running as he saw you go in. "Get out," you screamed as soon as the bedroom door opened. "There's nowhere to run now," Gunil smirked as he blocked off your exit from the bedroom, "now what.

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First published Jun 10, 2017. Imagines of the dreamies of nct! This includes reactions, scenarios, text conversations, etc. Note: None of the pictures, videos, and gifs used are mine. Started: June 11, 2017.

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